Jennifer Ripassa completing the final elements of her piece

2021’s La Strada dei Pastelli combined with Beaverton Night Market for weekend of cultural artistry

In a delightful twist in 2021, La Strada dei Pastelli collaborated with the Diversity Advisory Board’s Beaverton Night Market to bridge each event’s special features and assets. Beaverton’s  two treasured cultural happenings combined for a dynamic weekend of art, food and performances from around the world. Scattered through the Night Market, eight chalk artists executed large scale pieces amid the Night Market’s vendors and performers.




Support 2D4D by purchasing a limited edition reusable bag!

Proceeds fund annual programming such as workshops and activities,  provide stipends to artists to activate spaces throughout the community, and to the summer La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk art Festival. Theses limited edition bags feature art from the 2019 La Strada event by Jesse Queen (front) and Carrie Dziabczenko (back).

Dimensions: 9″ x 11″ x 4″

$10.00 each


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